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       Rail Control Solutions

  • With 100 years of experience in developing, engineering and installing advanced rail control and signalling systems, Bombardier is recognised as one of the world leaders.

    Bombardier Transportation (Signal) Ltd JV has equipped and commissioned EBI Lock 950 technology at more than 180 stations across Russia and a further 170 across CIS and the Baltic states.

    Today we continue to lead the way in the Russian market with the most widespread implementation of rail control signalling. Our interlocking systems are in operation at 15 railway stations ranging from Kaliningrad in the West across to the Far East. We control more than 5,700 point machines and 590 km of automatic line-blocks.

    The joint venture «Bombardier Transportation (Signal)» was originally formed as a way of introducing our EBI Lock 950 signalling solution as a way of meeting the needs of JSC Russian Railways and Russian market. EBI Lock 950 has a significantly unique ability to endure extreme Russian weather conditions whilst also conforming to the specific rules of the Russian railways. This now proven ability serves as future assurance to all former Soviet Union territory countries that CBI EBI Lock 950 could be introduced into their networks.

    Our successful projects outside Russia include:

    • Kazakhstan
    • Uzbekistan
    • Ukraine
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Eastern Europe
  • Russia

    Our presence in Russia has been growing significantly for over ten years. The demand for our EBI Lock 950 computer based interlocking (CBI) solution continues to be the main focus for design and innovation in Russia.

    Today our EBI Lock 950 CBI systems are successfully operating at more than 180 stations located on 15 railways, in 30 regions through all the territory in the Russian Federation.

    Our reach across Russia stretches from the Kaliningrad to the Far East controlling more than 5,700 points and over 590 km of line block systems. EBI Lock 950 CBI systems are used at high speed lines Moscow - St. Petersburg and Moscow - Nizhniy Novgorod, at the Trans-Siberian main line - strategic transport corridor.

    Large railway junctions as Verkhniy Baskunchak, Bekasovo, Sverdlovsk Sortirovochniy and Shartash are also operated by EBI Lock 950 CBI. All commissioned systems are fully adapted to meet the requirements, rules and local instructions of the Russian railways.

    Under Russia's north regional development program we have been contracted to deliver our EBI Lock 950 CBI solution to the first several stations of this project in Yakutia.

    The high reliability and environmental resilience, of our equipment enables it to operate without the need for regular servicing or repair. The durability and low maintenance of our equipment became one of the leading reasons why Yakutia Railways chose our EBI Lock 950 CBI for this section.

  • Yakutia

    Denisovskiy station - Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
    Denisovskiy station (19 points) – first pilot project on the Yakutian Railway equipped with the EBI Lock 950 CBI solution. Denisovskiy station is part of the railway line Berkatit-Tommot-Yakutsk. Instead of track circuits, the axle counter system SOL-21/RUS EBI Track 1800 of Bombardier is used for the first time, capable to sustain extreme temperatures up to minus 60 degrees. The EBI Lock 950 CBI system has successfully been implemented in severe conditions of Northern Russia.

  • Uzbekistan

    Tashguizar - Kumkurgan new line signalling
    The first Bombardier signalling solution deployed within a CIS country was a contract for the Tashguizar to Kumkurgan new line signalling in Uzbekistan. This contract was won in August 2007 as a result of an international tender.

    The project included delivery of a specially developed semi-automatic line block system fully integrated into our EBI Lock 950 CBI solution. This customised solution was installed along 223 km of line and across 17 stations.

  • Kazakhstan

    Pilot project - Eginsu station (Almaty railway division)

    First pilot project in Kazakhstan was to repair the damage done as a result of disastrous floods which had closed whole sections of Kazakhstan railways, including the Eginsu station. It was imperative that we restore train movement as soon as possible.

    Using our experience in the 1520 gauge territory, we managed to successfully complete and re-commission this vital line in only three months, all whilst maintaining the highest safety levels.

  • Kazakhstan

    Uzen to Turkmenistan Border line

    Contract awarded to build a new line and install INTERFLO 550 on 131km of rail line across eight stations. This project included the implementation of our EBI Track 1800 axel counter system. This installation is the first complete implementation of our radio based train control solutions in the CIS market.

  • Kazakhstan

    Transport corridor between stations Zhetygen and Korgas (China border)

    Project to install our EBI Lock 950 (Release 4), EBI Track 1800 axle counter systems and EBI Com 1500 traffic control centre systems onto 276 km of line which includes 15 stations. This line is a dual passenger and freight line which borders with China, it is anticipated to be completed in 2012.

  • Latvia

    Riga-Passenger Interlocking

    Riga-Passenger station (145 points) was equipped with EBI Lock 950 CBI. This project became one of the first competed in Baltic States. It was successfully finished in 2001 forming a good basis for the further cooperation with Latvian railways.

  • Latvia

    Modernisation of the East-West railway corridor, Stage 2

    This project comprised of 22 stations and about 200 km of automatic line block controlled by EBI Lock 950 CBI.

    In addition to our EBI Lock 950 CBI system and automatic line blocks, we equipped two large traffic control centres at Yelgava and Daugavpils transport junctions. During this project we gained experience implementing the new generation of EBI Lock 950 R4. This new Central processor unit is capable of supervising the largest stations and whole sections of the railways. Bombardier advanced EBI Gate 2000 technology for level crossings was also implemented in this project.

    Project East-West corridor was finished in December 2011

  • Lithuania

    Kayshadoris-Radvilishkis line modernisation (Project A)

    On this line a total of 11 stations and more than 100 km of automatic line blocks equipped with EBI Lock 950 CBI systems were commissioned in 2004.

  • Lithuania

    Kalvaria and Kena stations interlocking

    EBI Lock 950 CBI was installed at Kalvaria station (7 points) of Lithuanian railways, as well as Kena (54 points) - a border station named ‘East gate of Europe’. This solution considerably increased the capacity on this strategically important site. The initial project was successfully commissioned in 2006. Additional modernisation of Kena station which included adding 20 more points into EBI Lock 950 CBI system was successfully completed in 2009.

  • Slovakia


    Station Cadca was comissioned in August 2007. 73 points were equipped with our EBI Lock 950 CBI system.

    Within the frames of the contract “Cadca” our engineers continued work on the installation of computerised interlocking systems at stations Cierne and Skalite.

  • Ukraine

    Re-signalling of Krasnograd-Lozovaya section of the Ukraine Railway
    The project for delivery of the first BOMBARDIER INTERFLO 200 solution in the Ukraine, one of the host countries of the 2012 European football championship has became the first project of Bombardier for Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ), the Ukrainian railways and has been completed in six months ahead of the major sporting event.

    The re-signalling took place on the 123 km, seven-station Krasnograd to Lozovaya section of the Ukraine Railway, part of the new high speed Kyiv-Donetsk line, linking two of the championship host cities. Bombardier delivered the design, product supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the latest generation BOMBARDIER EBI Lock 950 Release 4 ruggedized computer-based (CBI) interlocking system, which is adapted for severe weather conditions as can be experienced in the Ukraine, and serves as an interface with the automatic blocking system. Bombardier also provided 16 level crossings, including the first EBI Gate 2000 system to be delivered in this market. The wayside equipment for the project, such as point machines, signals and the train detection system, was produced in the Ukraine and Russia.

  •    Rail Vehicles

  • From 1948 to 1995, DWA (acquired by Bombardier in 1998) manufactured half of all the passenger rail coaches made for the Soviet Union and later Russia.

  •    Propulsion and Controls

  • Our comprehensive portfolio is characterised by its flexibility and the considerable added value that it offers to customers. We adapt our services to meet the exact requirements of the customer, regardless of whether those concern complete operational and maintenance services, comprehensive fleet management, materials and logistics programmes or modernisation, re-engineering and overhauling of systems, vehicles and components.

    • Frankfurt Airport: since 1994, Bombardier Transportation has been supplying operational and maintenance services for the 3.8 km two-track INNOVIA APM 100 people mover system and its 18 vehicle fleet.
    • Since 2003, Bombardier Transportation has been in charge of maintenance and repair work for the regional operator Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen mbH (LNVG). In 2009, the contracts were increased to a current total of 40 TRAXX locomotives and 220 double-deck intermediate and control coaches.

    You can find further reference projects here.

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