Projects in Russia

Bombardier Transportation (Signal) was originally formed to introduce the EBI Lock 950 signalling system to the Russian market. EBI Lock 950 has a unique ability to endure extreme weather conditions and conform to the rules of Russian railways. Bombardier Transportation (Signal) has installed EBI Lock 950 technology at more than 200 stations in Russia. We lead the Russian market with the most widespread rail signalling implementation; our interlocking systems are in operation at 16 local railways ranging from Kaliningrad in the West across to the Far East. We control more than 9,000 point machines and 1,700 km of automatic line-blocks.

In the 1520 market

Bombardier Transportation (Signal) Ltd JV has also commissioned EBI Lock 950 technology at a further 180 stations across the CIS, Baltics and Mongolia and undertaken other successful projects in the 1520 market.

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