Health, Safety and Environment Policy
Bombardier Inc. and all of its subsidiaries consider the protection of health, safety and environment a fundamental corporate responsibility and a value governing all its activities... more (in English)

Quality Policy: Quality Moves Us
Bombardier Transportation designs, produces and delivers innovative, safe, reliable and sustainable rail solutions which move millions of passengers around the world everyday.... more (in English)

Focus on Railway Safety
In support of the Product Safety Policy of Bombardier Transportation, Rail Control Solutions (RCS) is committed to actively promote, improve and practise the following principles throughout its areas of responsibility ... more (in English)

RCS wins largest signalling contract in CIS
September 11, 2013 – RCS has won a major new and first signalling order in Azerbaijan, in consortium with Trans-Signal-Rabita Ltd, to deliver our INTERFLO 200 solution on the Kars-Baku transport corridor connecting Asia and Europe. This is the largest signalling contract in the CIS region and our largest single mainline contract. Awarded by Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, the total value of the consortium's contract is approximately $288 million (217 million euro) with Bombardier's share valued at approximately $203 million (153 million euro)... more (in English)

At the present time there are 131 stations and 53 open lines (of integrated interlocking) equipped with computer-based interlocking CBI EBILock 950 within Russian railways network in regions with different climate environments. Also 87 stations and 27 open lines are equipped with the same devices in railways of CIS countries and Baltics... more (in English)

Information security of computer-based interlocking (CBI)
When considering information security of computer-based interlocking, first of all it should be noted that a category of the data processed is open and consequently the thread of information leakage is not of current importance. Thus, the main threat would be the violation of the data processing technology... more (in English)

Pilot project in Yakutian Railway (Russia)
Bombardier Transportation’s signalling engineering joint venture (JV) in Moscow has become one of the first rail signalling enterprises in Russia to deliver CIS (Computerized Interlocking System) technologies to Yakutia (North of Russia)... more (in Russian)

15 years working with the Russian railways
Moscow-based Bombardier Transportation (Signal) Ltd), the joint venture between Bombardier Transportation and the Russian Railways, RZD, celebrates its 15th anniversary... more (in Russian)

CBI EBI Lock 950 system evolution
Technical description of CBI EBI Lock 950 R3 and R4 systems. Our projects in Russia (103 stations in Russia equipped with EBI Lock 950 R3). Technical description of Russian LCSS system – MultiRCOS . Maintenance of CBI devices – description of two maintenance centres for CBI EBI Lock 950 (in Moscow and in Irkutsk)... more (in Russian)

Geography of CBI EBI Lock 950 deliveries
Read about our projects beyond Russia: in Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan... more (in Russian)

Expanding cross border cooperation
Description of our project in Uzbekistan: Tashguzar-Kumkurgan New Railway Construction Project... more (in Russian)

High technology for industrial transport
INTERFLO 150 technical description and possibilities of its implementation in the Russian and CIS market... more (in Russian)

From ISO to IRIS
Description of all certificates of Russian JV and our activities in order to reach IRIS till the end of 2011... more (in Russian)

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